On Saturday, October 16, 2021 The Wright Life will host a Holiday Business Workshop & Webinar on how to gear your business up for the upcoming holiday season.


In this two hour hands on webinar and workshop you have the option to attend online or in-person

We will be covering....



Increasing Income during the Holiday Season 

The Holiday season is the biggest shopping season of the year.


Learn how to increase your revenue by selling items you already or creating new products.


We will equip you with the marketing tools geared for holiday buyers. 

Creating Holiday Catalog 

When consumers are planning out their holiday shopping they love looking through catalogs of items.


In this workshop you will create a  Holiday Catalog showcasing every product you are selling for the upcoming season. 

Creating Holiday Marketing Campaign 

Every goal needs a plan otherwise it is just a wish. Creating a marketing campaign is no different. We will create a detailed marketing campaign that is designed for holiday revenue success. 

Planning a Black Friday Sale 

Black Friday is a day when consumers spend the most coins. Don't just be out in the stores spending yours, get shoppers to buy from you by creating a Black Friday Deal. 

Social Media Content & Scheduling 

Getting your holiday product into the eyes of social media account holders takes a lot of content creation and social media scheduling.


Don't worry we will show you both. 

Hands On Workshop 

All our workshops are hands on and interactive. Therefor, you leave the workshop already creating the tools needed to help you succeed this holiday season. 

What does that mean? You will create everything mentioned above while in the workshop. 

Not just note taking here!!


In this workshop you will be put to work! 

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