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Woke Parenting

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

At the close of the decade parents were becoming more woke. Parenting practices are scrutinized more and more. We are recognizing that the way our parents raised us, and the way their parents raised them, cannot be the way we parent today.

The world is an extremely different place in 2020. Our children are exposed to violence, sex, drugs, and greed from the day they are born. Social media, television, and radio have given unlimited access right at your fingertips. Parental guidance is no longer suggested, it’s imperative.

It goes without saying that we should be more aware of what our children are exposed to. Additionally, we need to be prepared to combat what they are seeing. So instead of watching YouTube, read a book together and create a picture of their favorite party of the story. Instead of Fortnite build a fort outside. Take all electronics and use parental controls to shut the WiFi down for family dinner.

Children are in need of open communication, understanding, and general interest from their parents. Keep those old school values but bring them current to today’s children. Remember, the children are our future. Make sure they are prepared.

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