Video Content for the Win in 2021!

Updated: Mar 9

Videos will rule the online space more than ever in 2021. From general video content, live videos, and brand videos, videos have received the most significant boost from 2020. The stats are astonishing.

A study by Oberlo shows that more than 50% of consumers prefer video content from a business, person, or brand they support.

The most astonishing is a YouTube survey that reveals that 50% of Generation Z and Millenials prefer video. Video content explosion is on the rise. However, with these staggering stats, is your brand content evolving with the ever-changing need of an ordinary consumer who prefers video content?

1. Live videos and collaboration videos have become mainstream

In 2020, the video live streaming industry increased by 99%. This goes without much saying that brands need to incorporate live streaming videos into their businesses in 2021.

Live videos allow you to collaborate with both prospects, your users, and various professionals. Video conferencing collaborations witnessed in 2020 means the numbers will grow in 2021.

Using collaboration videos, you broaden your brand’s horizon, making you relevant in your industry and beyond.

2. User-generated videos gone mainstream

In the past few years, user-generated content (UGC) has grown tremendously. However, due to the pandemic, most brands started using UGC broadly.

According to a recently conducted study, 81% of consumers will buy a membership, subscription, service, or product from a post put out by a family member or friend.

Due to unethical marketing practices, UGC managed to become famous. This is because the easiest way for people to trust your brands is through getting your viewers or loyal clients to speak about your brand.

3. Videos are becoming shorter

Have you spent time on YouTube and Instagram lately? You’ll notice that videos are becoming shorter. In one hour, you can view shorter videos as compared to the lengthier ones.

Viewers prefer videos that one can understand easily. Moreover, a video must be engaging to catch the viewers attention within the first five seconds.

The pandemic is still here with us. Its impact will continue affecting us in 2021; hence, last year’s trend will continue skyrocketing this year. For brands to stand out, they need to discover what works best and go along with it.

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