Update on the 2nd Round of Stimulus Checks.

Since Covid –19 hit the world as a global pandemic early this year, it has not been easy for most people.

In turn, the Government had to issue the first stimulus in March as an emergency response by the situation. Until now, the country's economy is still grappling with the pandemic; hence, a second stimulus check is mandatory.

Following Mitch McConnell's words, the income limit could be lower than the first stimulus checks issued.

However, controversy has risen that compared to the first stimulus, which was more of a humanitarian act, this one seems to be politically driven.

However, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel has backed what Democrats proposed months ago to have struggling Americans get another round of stimulus checks.

This new development comes at a critical time when the pandemic has caused the number of new infections to rise exponentially.

Since Donald Trump announced running for reelection, it is only wise of him to see to it that citizens get the money as this will maybe sway people and increase his chances of winning.

Hope in the midst of an economic crisis

People should start receiving payment from the IRS soon. The Republicans are looking at a budget of around $1trillion. According to Chuck Schumer, the Senate Minority Leader, he describes the amount as "far more generous."

McConnell, however, suggests that the stimulus checks should benefit Americans who earn $40,000 annually. On their part, Democrats want the income cap raised to $75,000.

On a lighter note, whether a Democrat or Republican, it's significant that Americans get a stimulus check to cushion them during these tough times. At least there's a certainty of the stimulus following Trump's interest for a second term.

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