Ultimate Valentine’s Day date night

Valentine’s Day! Yes the day of love, it is just around the corner. Now most couples will be looking at spending the day/night doing something romantic to celebrate, but what? There are the usual, go out for dinner, watch a movie or take a walk on the beach. But how about something different this year!

Here are some unique ideas to help make the date more memorable.

Chocolate Fondue Picnic – You had me at chocolate – am I right? So this is pretty straightforward and cost effective to set up. Get a fondue set, some really good quality chocolate (my personal favorite is Lindt), a great big blanket, and some goodies to dip in the chocolate … think marshmallows, strawberries, bananas and maybe even mini heart shaped pancakes. Bon apetit. Enjoy!

Scenic Train Ride– Are you and your significant other lovers of all things nature and just love scenic views? Then you need to find out about taking a train ride up the country side. Imagine the beautiful sights and sounds you will take in. Perhaps you will even be treated to a lovely afternoon tea or special Valentine’s Day meal on the train, to make it that much more special. These sort of trips are great talking points too if you are perhaps in a new relationship. Enjoy the ride!

Couples Cook Off– Do you fancy yourself a Jamie Oliver or Nigella Lawson in the kitchen? Or do you burn the water? (Yeah try and figure that one out). Whatever your level of culinary skills, this is sure to be a really fun way to spend Valentine’s Day. You and your significant other choose a recipe – for the other one to cook. They buy the ingredients and hand it over and say “COOK”. The two of you make the dish, share some laughter, have a glass of wine and then eat up … and if you like, score each other!

Whatever you choose to do on the day, remember it is about the person you are with not necessarily about where you are or what you are doing. #sharesomelove


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