• Ian Romaker

TWiB: Tyler Perry Studios is in 'Rare Air'

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

In 2015, Tyler Perry acquired the rights to 330 acres of land on former Georgia military base, Fort McPherson. Since, he has transformed the acreage into a multiplex of resourceful opportunity.

Fort Mac

  • 40 Buildings

  • 12 Purpose-Built Sound Stages

  • Replica White House (Used on ‘The Oval)

  • Hospital Set

  • Trailer Park Set

  • Suburban Subdivision Set

  • 0.5 Mile Six Lane Highway

Perry also purchased a retro diner and wheeled it onto the property.

An airport is the biggest potential development that has people clamoring for more development information.

With a runway set already established and an airport hangar in the works, people patiently await what could be a great way to invest in black business.

Not only that, but Perry has teamed up with Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and GA First Lady Marty Kemp in an effort to combat human trafficking. Together, they established the GBI HEAT which is the Georgia Bureau Investigation Human Exploitation and Traffic Unit.

By working closely with Georgia state officials and paying homage to the area that molded him, these entities are putting their strongest foot forward to eliminate human trafficking.

Tyler Perry Studios has offered knowledge to identify potential trafficking instances and create awareness of indicators and warning signs.

Human trafficking is a nasty and vile business, but what better way to eradicate its existence than to create an entirely new system of travel?

It is clear that Tyler Perry has utilized work ethic, prayer & talent to establish himself.

From humble beginnings, this man who was once homeless is doing all that he can to give back to his community and fostering black business in the process.

Ian Romaker