• Ian Romaker


Updated: Mar 12

There is nothing more soothing than being at one with the Earth. In this time of civil, mental and medical unrest it is so important to focus on creating harmony within our souls. Now, picture the opening scene of Hype Williams’ cult classic, “Belly.” Sink deep into those blue hues and let your mind inhabit a place of soft tranquility. This is the ARTECHOUSE article.

The Artechouse is based on 439 W 15th St in New York City. As an immersive art experience it yields terrific outcomes for those in search of restful peace and reset. The color for this year’s installment is Pantone 19-4052 - a Classic Blue.

Within this galaxy, one is truly able to titillate their senses through a total cerebral disconnect. In other words, you can bask in the glory of art and completely soak in the calming power of this exhibit.

Unimaginable landscape, CGI wonders and free range forms of motion all come together here. You may even break the fourth wall with the newfound awareness of your body movements.

It is almost as if you leap through time as time slows down all around you. Free range forms of motion demonstrate new affordances for your mind, body and soul. Thus, this myriad of motions grants one the opportunity to reestablish themselves and bind their inner being together in a more compact manner.

The Artechouse offers a calming elemental experience that allows participants to foster and manifest stability. The burgeoning culture, fluidity of ingenuity and provides identity expansion for anyone involved.

Check out the Celestial portion of the Submerge series today!

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