Three Lessons Learned from "The Last Dance"

Growing up, The Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan were so important in our home that my mother made a cake of the Bulls jersey celebrating their championship one year.

So when I heard there was a documentary coming out about the year of 1998 with the Chicago Bulls, I was excited to relive the memories of the 90s and everyone screaming at the tv, cheering on their favorite team.

During the ten part series "The Last Dance" It was the last time Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen & Dennis Rodman who were then coached by Phil Jackson would play on the same team; Chicago Bulls.

From the first episode I was inspired by the level of dedication Jordan had! So after watching all ten episodes here is the three lessons I learned from the GOAT!


Whatever Jordan did, he went all in. It didn't matter if it was basketball, golf, sneakers or winning a championship, he went all in. He didn't settle for less and damn sure not second best. Watching this documentary, Jordan is by far the most competitive person I have ever witnessed.

He had his eyes set on winning a NBA Championship and he did, six times!

How competitive was Jordan, you ask, well he was upset Karl Malone won MVP during the championship once, instead of him! He couldn't stand for anyone to win besides himself and anyone who threatened that was on "his list"


Another part of this documentary I really admired was how they accepted Dennis Rodman for who he was, they didn't try and change him. Coach Phil Jackson even gave him permission to take a vacation in the middle of the playoffs to go to Vegas and when he returned he still brought his A game.

I admired this because in today's society everyone is so judgemental if you don't look or act the same. The people who don't fit in with society's image are bullied and humiliated.

Dennis Rodman was an extraordinary basketball player despite his behavior or appearance and they accepted him for him.


From watching the documentary and seeing how people wait in line for hours years after years to purchase the same Jordan brand of tennis shoes that keep getting re-released, I can see why Jordan was referred to as a "Black Jesus" he does has a God complex about him and the way people admire him. I would rather refer to him as the Michael Jackson of basketball.

He has also been referred to as an asshole and bully but what you can't say is he didnt push his team to win! He pushed everyone on the team to win NBA Championships and they did, six times.

Say whatever you want about Jordan, but he not only wanted to win he wanted his team to win as well.

I leave you as unbothered as Michael Jordan listening to Kenny Latimore....

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