The Night before Christmas – Fun Ideas!

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It was the night before Christmas – and everyone was in their awesome matching Christmas PJs, sipping on hot chocolate from the Crock Pot Hot Chocolate Bar.

The Christmas tunes are belting out and if you are lucky the snow is falling.

Does this sound like the ideal Christmas Eve scenario?

What if I told you that you could recreate this in your home as well as add a few extra fun things for the whole family?

Read on as I list some of the more common Christmas Eve traditions as well as some (hopefully new) and innovative ones.


I think I can speak for all of us when I say that Christmas and the festivities it brings with it could not come sooner this year. It is possible that wherever you are in the world that Christmas may not be quite the same as it was last year and the year before.

Perhaps there are restrictions on your movements and also limits put on the amount of people who may gather in one particular place. But that aside, there are still ways to enjoy this beautiful and magical time of year.

Some things on this list can be done via Zoom or Skype if for some reason you cannot be with all your loved ones in the same place.

Let us get started.

1. Exchange PJ’s – This is probably an oldie – but still a goodie. There is nothing better than fresh crisp pajamas, except maybe fresh crisp, CHRISTMAS pajamas. If you like the matching game then the whole family can get the same PJ’s on (including those logging in via their devices) and you can all be snug and festive together.

2. Crockpot Hot Chocolate Bar – This is one that has only recently really become a tradition, or at least has got some extra recognition on blogs and on social media. Here is a recipe for you to try out in your slow cooker/crock pot. It is sure to be a hit especially when the air is chilly. Another one that can be shared even over the air.

3. Christmas Eve Box – In my house this is one of my favorite traditions to get set up. I usually make it magical by telling my kids that Mr. Elf has gone home now but he left you each a small gift before Santa delivers your other presents for tomorrow. They love the activities that are in the box, and they get to put out the milk bottle and cookies especially for Santa and a plate with snacks for the reindeers. Christmas Eve boxes can contain many things, from the Christmas PJ’s, through to a personalized Christmas stocking, a small toy, treats or even a Christmas themed book or movie. You can create your own or you can order prepacked boxes. Whatever you decide, it is sure to be a hit. (P.S you can get ADULT Christmas Eve boxes to for family and friends).

4. The gift of giving – Something which you could do during the day on December 24th is create care packages and as a family (COVID regulations permitting) you can go and hand out the packages at your local shelter or Church. It is great to receive gifts, but even better to give someone else something special, especially those with less than nothing.

5. Fun and games – Whip out the games or create your own Christmas games. Maybe something like, “Sing On – The Christmas Edition” where one person starts a Christmas song and then the next person has to carry on. Or Pin the Nose on Rudolph – the title speaks for itself, but it will be great fun and sure to get lots of laughs.

6. Gift Treasure Hunt – This can be fun for kids and grownups. Draw up some clues and hide some small gifts around the house and let the hunt begin.

7. Christmas Stories – Remember that Christmas themed book I mentioned in the bit about Christmas Eve box ideas? Now is the time you can bring it out – as everyone is settling down to rest their heads before more fun and festivities the next morning, you can read a book or three together.


These are but a few ideas I have put together for you, but what is great about Christmas is the opportunity to create your OWN traditions.

Things that work for you and your family as a unit. You can elaborate or pull parts of what I have suggested above and add and embellish to make it your own.

All that truly matters is that whatever you decide to do on December 24th, make it memorable. Laugh. Smile. Eat. Play and TAKE PICTURES!

Happy Holidays and may you have a blessed and beautiful Christmas.

Tammy Nortier - Mompreneur | Blogger | Christmas Enthusiast | Business Owner - MEGA Virtual Consultancy

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