Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Wow, these really are unprecedented times we are living in. And most definitely uncharted waters when it comes to home-school and the conundrum it is presenting to many households around the world.

So where are you on this topic? Are you gun-ho on sending your kids back to school, toying with the idea of home-schooling for the moment or completely removing your kin from school for the foreseeable future?

Whatever you decide, it is ultimately your decision at the end of the day, but what if the decision you make is to home-school your child indefinitely? What are the necessary steps to take when you go this route, and what can you do at home with your younging to make sure they are getting an education – however that may look.


Before we delve into home-schooling in its entirety, you may wonder why many people look down on home-schooling in a way and feel that sending children to a brick and mortar place of education is way more beneficial.

The biggest one – SOCIALIZATION. This is the main argument you will hear, and yes sure when your kids are at school they get to meet and socialize with other children, but just because you are home-schooling does not mean this human contact comes to an end. Home-schooling has always been around and now the community of home-schoolers is growing rapidly due to COVID-19 and all that comes with it. So when you are allowed to gather in groups and have play dates, your newly home-schooled child will be able to connect with other children on the same path.

There is also the thought of, “I am not a teacher. How can I teach my child?” The answer is right there, this is your child and you know what is best for them. And once you get over the anxiety and stress that goes along with home-schooling (a normal reaction for sure), you will realise that everything you do with your child on a daily basis can be a learning experience.


Think about those times you and your little one bake cookies, now imagine you let her work out how much of each ingredient is needed, how many cookies can fit on the cookie sheet, when she eats one or two or three, how many does she now have left … that is math right there, and you are having fun while learning.

Take nature walks, talk about the leaves, the creatures you meet along the way, look at their habitat and discuss why they live there, what would they eat and so on. Again … you are getting out in nature and LEARNING.

Home-schooling does not have to be scary and daunting. There are so many options available to you as a parent. You most certainly do not need to rush out and buy masses of books and curriculum to start. The most important is that your kid learns to read and write and do maths – and the online resources for these subjects are endless. Here are a few you may want to look into:

Best Kid Stuff

Easy Peasy All In One Homeschool

Simple Homeschool

You can even look at apps like Reading Eggs, Mathseeds and Khan Academy to name a few.

Whatever you choose, make sure it fits with your family, your needs and most importantly during these times – YOUR BUDGET.


In this article we only really touched on the surface of everything home-school related, but there is so much out there and so many factors to take into consideration before embarking on this journey.

The most important thing is to remember that your child needs to be the center of your decision. You need to make a decision that works for them as well – because after all you need your child to be on board and happy with whatever curriculum or learning approach you may take.

Happy schooling and enjoy the ride!

By Tammy Nortier | Mom | Writer | Entrepreneur | Virtual Assistant

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