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The Carnival: An Audition Interview

Updated: Jun 2

If you just want to introduce yourself, your brand, tell us about yourself.

"I am Lashawnda Ladybug from the Black Barbie show - a black-owned business which is represented as beautiful ladies acknowledging cultural kinship."

Model, Dancer, Actress, Teacher

Q: How did you find out about this event today?

A: I actually was casted last year so I'm coming back for a second round another edition of the shabang.

TWL: We’re glad to have you!

LS: Yeah! For sure.

Judges deliberate and second round audition time delays…

LS: Hopefully, I make it the second time.

TWL: Facts.

Q: When you woke up today, what were you thinking about how you would approach this event?

LS: So I actually woke up and I had another event before this. So from there it was rehearsals, I have to get ready for my modeling next week. Actually, I have two shows Saturday and Sunday. So I kinda came late, hoping that they'll do another set so that I can walk, because I really want to be in a show. I love SOCA.

TWL: That's what I'm saying. I was hoping they do another one too - it’s only right- it’s only fair.

LS: PrrrrrTTTTT.

Q: So wrapping up, what’s your background - what’s your most prominent role to this day that you are most proud of?

LS: So I'm actually trying to go to Miami and this is my third round in June or July. I want to say for auditions, I'm actually trying to be in the industry as a either a model a dancer or actress.

TWL: Thank you for spending time with us. We appreciate you because we need more models like you that are model citizens as well.

LS: Yes, for sure. I’m down to teach, I’m down to be apart [of the community] and I am down to be coached again.

TWL: Right - it’s like - don’t box me in!

LS: Period!

TWL: I can do whatever ! [Period!]

LS: There’s no...don’t box me in

TWL: Ain’t no limitations to this..it’s levels to this but ain't no limitations

LS: It’s not limitations it’s all elevations on top of just persevering. You can’t just stay on one thing - you got to have seven different jobs to make it forreal.

TWL: Real talk.

LS: You don’t want to just be a model and stay there - you want to keep going in the industry.

TWL: I see.

LS: Stand out. Branch out. Do a lot of networking because that’s what it’s all about.

TWL: Facts and she said she’s trying to get to Miami so you might as well start in Columbus.

LS: Yes!!!

TWL: Come up like that.

LS: I’m tryna put Columbus on the map so I can go there [305] and be like shoutout to Columbus.

TWL: Ayyeee.

LS: Period.

And there you have it, folks. Make sure you tune in WRIGHT here and continue to check back on our website for all the festival coverage set to take place this summer.

The Carnival Fashion Show takes place Saturday June 26, 2021 at 7pm at Eastland Mall.

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