Tech in 2020

A new decade has dawned and with it has come an influx of new business developments. But will they all be successful?

What is key to a successful business? Well besides a skilled workforce and a defined target market, one of the major things that can determine how successful you will be is targeted, effective marketing of your services or products.

Now social media has been a huge hit when it comes to this way of marketing and gaining support and engagement however as the times change so should the approach one uses, even with the proven success of the internet and social media.

That is why knowing your way around some of the big names in technology as they relate to marketing is important. We are talking AI, which is a key tool in automating and streamlining processes within business, Quantum Computing which will see a major decrease in the use of power (and a reduction in carbon footprint) when it is fully integrated. And last but not least Big Data, this will help businesses collate their analytics and information more efficiently to be able to identify new opportunities and perhaps ones that need to be archived for a while.

Also knowing that the Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly growing and soon anything that runs on electricity can be connected in some way – and this means a far greater reach when wanting to market your products and services on a large scale.

Go ahead, get familiar with these technologies and may your 2020 be more efficient, less harmful to the environment and moreover, a huge success!

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