Tataianna Devers on Entrepreneurship and the Importance of Network Marketing

Updated: Mar 25

Our most significant event of the year is coming up in May — and we want you there. We've got a couple of special interviews this week with people who will be speaking at the expo, and the first one is with Tataianna Devers.

Tataianna is a licensed beautician, entrepreneur and has a lot to say about network marketing. In this interview, Tataianna will tell us her journey to entrepreneurship, her daily habits, and what motivates her to stay in business.

The significance of network marketing and entrepreneurship.
Image courtesy Tataianna Devers - Facebook

Tataianna, what's the inspiration behind your hair business?

When I was younger, around 13, 14 years old, I would always do different things to my hair with my mother's permission, of course. I was doing some drastic things to my hair, like cutting it, coloring it. Way back then, we used the color out here with Kool-Aid.

My friends would admire different hairstyles, and they wanted me to do the same for them. So, I started grading, doing ponytails, and other little simple things.

And then, as time went on, I went to cosmetology school in Buffalo, New York. I graduated from cosmetology school in 2000, and I went straight into a salon. I didn't get my license until 2015 because back then, a permit wasn't a priority.

You talk about Network marketing and customer service on your blog; how did you get into that.

In between, I did a lot of customer service work as well. You know, having children, you have to make ends meet. I was working in a customer service office where it was kind of my main job.

I was introduced to network marketing in 2019, particularly the wellness part of it. I had someone come into the salon and show me this hack of detox tea, and then I was supposed to buy her up.

Currently, I'm in a black-owned business that sells detox tea, energy pills, CBD-infused coffee, and a liquid multivitamin.

What's your day like?

I pray, I meditate, and I do some personal development. Sometimes I may read a book; sometimes, I may listen to some audio. I do follow some millionaires' that, you know, that's given out some juice.

So I made Lisburn so live broadcasting in the morning; I may have a workout, have a smoothie, and then exercise.

And after I exercise, I go on and start my day. I do my work, my businesses, take care of my 16-year-old son, make sure he's doing virtual schooling.

What sets you apart from other businesses?

I stay educated in my industry and the type of person that I want to see myself as daily in the future. Also, I stick to my daily habits. Keeping peace of mind is part of my daily routines.

So stay educated, coached, and mentored in, even by people you don't even know personally. You follow them on social media, read their books, and stay updated, especially in your expertise field.

Who inspires you in your field?

Right now, I've been following Stormy Wellington. She's a very successful network marketer. She has coached over 30 + men and women to millionaire status. And then, I also follow Eric Loreen and Grant Cardon. Those types of high-profile people.

What keeps you going?

My children and grandchildren. I will leave a legacy for a long time to come for my children's children. They are my drive; they are my motivation; they are what gets me going.

What is the one thing you love about your businesses?

I help women feel good boost their self-esteem, and then, you know, with the health and wellness business, everyone wants to be healthy nowadays.

Everyone wants to look and feel good. Everything is about a feeling, whether it's looking good, whether it's feeling good, just having a smile on your face every day. So, I enjoy helping people.

Are there any business tools that you're using?

Many individuals that like to pursue the entrepreneur route think it's costly to get to where you need to be as far as the tools that you need to succeed. So for me, I have a heavy presence on social media.

Whether you're cooking, whether you're doing hair, whether you're selling clothes, shoes, whatever it is, many people succeed or are further along than you. They now have their short webinars, ebooks, and things of that nature for a low cost.

You don't have to break the bank to, you know, succeed as an entrepreneur. You have to do your research and do your homework and figure out what is best for you. For me, I can't pay 10 to 20, $30,000 for a personal business coach right now.

So I do other things like getting eBooks from people that I see that are a little bit ahead of me or have gone down the same path of life or journey or success that I'm going down and can relate to them. So I'll, I'll get their ebooks, get their free webinars, or I'll pay $25 for their 45-minute master class.

How have you handled setbacks in the past?

It wasn't easy. I used to be one that would beat myself up. But now, I've grown, and I've learned certain things like gratitude. I'm happy with where I am in life now. And realizing that where I'm in life now is where I'm supposed to be in.

Not, further and not ten steps back, and whatever is going on is supposed to happen. I should be grateful for the night.

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