Supplementing your diet for better skin

Are you out to get your skin revitalized most naturally? Look no further as this write-up offers scientifically proven methods to help reduce imperfections, calm inflammation, boost radiance, slow down ageing, and open up clogged pores.

A lot of times, people equate radiating complexion to potent products or good genes. However, naturally luminous skin starts with the right diet.

Below are some of the best supplements and vitamins found in natural oils and various foods that will help you have an enviably bright complexion.

1. OMEGA – 3

Fatty acids from omega-3 are known to be a calming combatant and leading natural anti-inflammatory products on earth. Do you have psoriasis? Using omega-3as a supplement in your diet helps treat the condition.

2. Zinc

For the skin to function normally, zinc must be present. Zinc encompasses significant micronutrient and powerful antioxidants that help the skin to work as expected. Apart from helping the wound to heal faster and treat acne, zinc also stops crusting of the scalp leaving you with shinier hair.

3. Vitamin C

Vitamin C improves the production of collagen in the body that helps protect cells from damage brought about by free radicals. Also called ascorbic acid, vitamin C helps repair hyperpigmentation, scarring, and acne breakout.

However, if you have sensitive skin, always seek the advice of a certified physician since vitamin C reacts badly with some ingredients in cosmetics.

4. Shea butter

Shea butter contains naturally occurring oils that help dry and scarring skin appear shinier, healthier, and exquisite.

Getting the right natural oils for your skin and eating a healthy diet will leave you with an impressive moisturizing effect.

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