Self-Care is not Selfish – 5 Books to help you care more for YOU!

Have you forgotten about you lately? Or maybe it has been a running scenario for many years already. The time is now that you stop being all about everyone else and start looking out for you a little more.

Now let it just be known, taking care of yourself first every once in a while is not selfish. Even though your subconscious may tell you differently, especially those of you who are moms, you deserve some time or something special that is all about you.

I am especially talking to women here, and in particular moms, firstly because this month saw Mother’s Day come our way, and also as women and mothers we have had to take on a few extra roles of late … with all that is going on in the world with COVID-19.

I get that it is easier said than done, but you need to take your well-being more seriously. A good place to start is with books.

There are many books out there that help you become a better person, or grow a business, but ultimately, if you are not taking care of yourself you probably won’t be able to take care of other things that are important to you.

Let’s take a brief look at the top 5 self-care books available.


Girl, Stop Apologizing – Rachel Hollis – Rachel is also fairly well known for her bestseller, Girl, Wash Your Face. In her book Rachel encourages women to just go for it. Do not keep your dreams and desires locked up inside. Share your wants and needs and do what you have to in order to achieve your goals. The book focuses on true to life scenarios and gives you simple steps to follow in order to reach for your dreams without feeling the need to apologize. Go get it … NOW!

Braving the Wilderness – Brene Brown – I think it goes without saying that Brene Brown is a truly inspirational and motivational person and so you can be sure this latest masterpiece is sure to give you a kick in the right direction. This book takes a look at a time where there is increased polarization. Where finding where you belong in your community or in life in general is becoming increasingly difficult. And to feel self-care we need to know where we belong – or rather – that we belong, where we currently are and overcome this disease of disconnection.

You Are A Badass - Jen Sincero – If anything, you gotta love this title. And you can be sure that the contents of this book are blunt and to the point, as everything in life should be. This book has many strategies that you can put in place right away to start changing your circumstances and start living your best life. The steps in this book will help you with manifesting a more fulfilling and exciting life. No better time than now to get started.

The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up - Marie Kondo – I am sure that the last thing you want to hear is that tidying up can change your life. However, a cluttered home usually contributes to a cluttered mind. And at this point in time, you may not have much else to do, so why not take some advice from the Queen of Declutter – Marie Kondo and start getting rid of the things that may be causing stagnant energy in your home and preventing you from feeling your best self.

You can Heal Your Life – Louise Hay – Ah, the late Louise Hay, she has written some amazing books and her message stays true forever. You are the master of your own life. Only you can make the changes necessary to live your best life. Only you have the power to overcome and make a difference. And ultimately only you can heal your life, and when you do care for yourself more … you are better equipped to care for others.


Let us reiterate – self-care is not selfish. In fact it is so far from that it is not even funny. When you take care of you – you take care of everyone else so much better.

Now is the time. Now is your time. If you have nothing better to do with your time, commit to reading at least one of these books in the next week and start implementing the strategies to help you bring yourself and your loved ones through to the other side of this all with a new self-appreciation.

Over to you!

Written by Tammy Nortier

Woman, Mother and Social Media Manager

Cape Town, South Africa

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