Self Care for Valentine’s Day

Updated: Feb 3

Being single doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Valentine’s Day. Even without that special someone, there’s so much you can do on your own. Read on to and find out how to spend time as a single on Valentine’s Day.

1. Play a Tinder roulette with your single friends

Use a TV to broadcast your Tinder page to each other. Take turns going through each other’s profiles. Who knows? You may meet your happily ever after through such an exciting process.

2. Enjoy a movie marathon with your favorite celebs

The fun thing about binge-watching at home is that you get to select your favorite movies and get cozy on your couch. You can also opt to visit the nearest theatre and sample through some of the best flicks with everyone else.

3. Pamper yourself at a spa

Treating yourself on this day will go a long way. You don’t necessarily need someone to pay so that you can have some fun. Visit a local spa for some fun or schedule a massage in advance.

4. Come up with your floral arrangement

Would you love to spark some inspiration? Then gorgeous, fragrant flowers will do. Studies show that flowers can have a long term and instantaneous effect towards giving you a better mood. It feels sexier to receive a bouquet of flowers from your suitor, but having your unique arrangement epitomizes your taste and personality.

5. Pamper yourself at home

Fill your bathtub with scented salts, lots of bubbles, fizzy bombs, essential oils, and make it your sanctuary. A bath caddy with your favorite wine and a box chocolates will put you in a good mood all night long.

6. Refresh your living space by rearranging

Rearrange your home and bring in some comfort and ambience. Incorporate scented candles, a cozy footstool, and plush throw and give it that glamorous makeover.

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