• Ian Romaker

Rittenhouse Aftermath

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Immediate backlash arose in the streets as a result of the Jacob Blake shooting. Insurrection, rioting and looting ensued as citizens filled the streets and refused to adhere to curfew. One citizen attended the riots with the intention to protect businesses and offer medical attention. 17 year old Kyle Rittenhouse assured this with his AR-15 type weapon and an orange medical kit.

This Twitter thread provides excellent evidence and descriptive viewpoints of what occurred that evening.

Rittenhouse ended up killing two people that night and he is currently incarcerated for murder. His motion to suspend his hearing was accepted so that he could appoint a private attorney for the matter.

His attorney Lin Wood also represented Nicholas Sandmann (MAGA Hat versus Native American standoff.)

John Pierce is another attorney on the docket as him and Lin have raised $606,000 through the Fight Back Foundation. GiveSendGo, a Christian website has also raised upwards of $400,000 for Rittenhouse.

Wisconsin allows gun owners to openly carry in public, but a person under 18 can't legally possess or carry a firearm unless that person is hunting or target practicing with an adult or in the military.

The Wisconsin Senate met on August 31st after Gov. Tony Evers “called the special session to consider nine bills he backs that make a number of changes to police practice, including banning chokeholds.” (Chi Sun)

All in all, Rittenhouse defended himself against attackers. As he continued to walk toward the flashing lights with arms risen, his white privilege beamed mightily. He continued to walk past all cop cars. No stoppage, questioning, or apprehension.

Police misconduct cannot be accepted as collateral damage for community safety.

With the best lawyers money can buy, this man will receive his freedom almost undoubtedly.

“With liberty and justice for all… who can afford it” (Jello Biafra)

Ian Romaker