Rihanna Unveils X Fenty Campaign Featuring Breast Cancer Survivors

Rihanna has gone a notch higher with her latest X Fenty campaign, which she features black breast cancer survivors.

The musician’s lingerie brand requested “thrivers and survivors” to model the savage style from a capsule point.

Nykia McKenzie, 26 years old, and Ericka Hart and Cayanita Leiva who are both 34 years, wore the new styles sporty collections.

Rihanna’s Clara Lionel Foundation, which she founded in 2012 will significantly benefit from this campaign. According to a press statement, almost $250,000 will go to the charity to help the organization support black Americans diagnosed with cancer and fund cancer research.

Since launching the lingerie brand, Rihanna has emphasized on inclusive appeal. Currently, the product range has incorporated a nude skin tone with a variety of sizes.

Her two latest runway shows at New York Fashion Week stood out because of the representation of a comprehensive presentation of various body types and theatrical performances.

A striking imbalance

Apart from giving three different black breast cancer survivors visibility, the campaign also highlights “Inequality” witnessed in the US health care system because of race and age.

One of the models, Leiva, was diagnosed with triple-negative cancer two years ago. She was glad she got the opportunity to share her journey.

Additionally, she hopes the change will happen in the health care system when it comes to black and brown concerns.

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