Rege – Jean Page: All You Need to Know About Bridgerton’s Suave Simon Basset

Updated: Jan 22

Shonda Rhimes has done some justice on our TV screens once more. Bridgerton TV series will make you swoon, thanks to Rege – Jean Page’s role. The 30-year old who has stolen the hearts of many plays the charming Simon Basset in the highly acclaimed Netflix drama.

In case he looks familiar, then you must have seen him on your screen before. Get to know more about the poised actor here, from his height, previous roles, and age.

Rege-Jean Page is about 5ft and 11 inches tall. The 30 years old and was born in 1990, although the exact date and month of birth remain unclear.

Rege – Jean Page’s family and background

The British actor was born in Zimbabwe and moved to the United Kingdom at the age of 14. During a sit-down with Interview Magazine, the debonair actor let people in about his childhood.

“During the entire period, my family was spread out. I have family in South Africa, Grenada, Sweden, Florida, and Australia –so you grow your perspective as you make pit stops.”

The actor has mixed parents. His mum worked as a nurse, and his father was an English preacher. During the interview, he revealed he was a “walking political statement” and thanked his parents for doing a revolutionary thing.

Being raised in an outside metropolis made Page maintain appreciation and understanding of an outsider’s perspective.

Rege – Jean Page’s TV shows and movies

Page has had different roles in various TV shows. He plays Khora in Mortal Engines on the big screen and Sylvie’s Love alongside Tessa Thompson.

On TV, he’s renowned for his role in the critically acclaimed miniseries Roots, where he plays Chicken George and as Leonard Knox in ABC’s For The People. In the UK, he appeared on TV shows such as Waterloo Road, Fresh Meat, and Casualty.

Speaking to Esquire on the importance of inclusivity, diversity, and his role, Page said, “I think people must be able to see themselves in their highest elevation. To know that you’re worthy of status, glamour, romance, and love.

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