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Really Like That: Interview with Multitalented Individual, Dayja Phillips

Updated: Jun 2

In the midst of technical difficulties, flashing lights, booming bass and rum punch the auditions were lowkey poppin’. The energy inside of the Eclipse Ultra Lounge created a minor buzz as many eligible young women performed for the upcoming Caribbean Carnival Fashion Show.

One of the multitalented contestants goes by the name of Dayja and has really started to invest in her craft. Here is a brief excerpt from our interview with her:

My name is Dayja. I'm a dancer. So I do hip hop, ballet, modern and West African. Right now I dance with the Tru Kingdom Mega Crew. My dance name is Honey Bee. And I'm here today. So I did this event in 2019, I was a dancer and since they brought everything back I was just interested in doing it again and auditioning for the fashion show.

As a dancer, Dayja has experienced a rollercoaster ride of auditions and performances. Here are some of the skills she learned while attending performing arts school -

  • Study and perform the different genres of dance including jazz, ballet, tap, music video, and modern styles.

  • Focus on anatomy and physiology, choreography and physical training.

“Should I say - Okay, I know, this has always been my dream. It's something I've always wanted to do. Let me go ahead and invest in that.” Dayja Phillips

TWL: Very cool. So would you guys say you grew up with dance in your home? What kind of traditions did you grow up with in the home that brought you here today?

Dayja: I graduated from a performance arts school - so it’s always just kinda been in my blood, I guess.

TWL: Okay, what performance arts school?

Dayja: Fort Hays.

TWL: What would you say is the most valuable thing that pushed that [creative side] forward at performing arts school?

Dayja: Honestly, going to performing arts school I was indecisive. So I did a lot of things. I did dance, I did band. I went to Career Center for Medical Assisting.* I never really took off with dancing until I got older. Should I say I'm like, Okay, I know, this has always been my dream. It's something I've always wanted to do. Let me go ahead and invest in that. So that's what I started doing. I'd say about like three years ago, I really started investing into myself.

TWL: Nice that’s all we can do. What would you say is the link that brings everyone together? Is it the dance? The outfits? The food?

Dayja: Everything! The music itself, I feel like it makes people want to bring people together and everything else is an added bonus. If you’re around a lot of good energy, a lot of good vibes. That's what it's gonna be.

TWL: Word.

*Medical assisting involves primary care, production labs/facilities, patient care management, clinical/administrative duties

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