Racially Motivated Threats Force Ohio’s Black-owned Bakery to Close Down

Following numerous racial instigated threats this past weekend, a black-owned bakery was forced to close shop.

Bake Me Happy, co-owner of Columbus, Ohio she decided to safeguard her employees from any harm. The move came after an unidentified person made endless calls at the bakery inquiring about their gluten-free product.

The caller went ahead with a racially charged tirade, ordering people to vacate the building.

The bakery’s co-founder Letha Pugh explained to WCMH, NBC’s affiliate saying such a move threatened the baker’s entire staff. She additionally said the after calling the number back; the person said a lot of racial slurs.

Pugh alerted authorities regarding the incidents and decided to talk to the City Council of Columbus. According to black leaders in the area, it’s one of the many incidents they have encountered in the region.

The leaders noted that it was paramount for the local authorities, state, and Federal to investigate the issues while protecting the victims. It also stated that so many businesses had been targeted, so leaders should make sure the criminals face the consequences of their actions.

President and CEO of Columbus Urban League said,” As witnessed during our nation’s Capitol debacle, we must never underestimate the capacity of violence by people who seem to be the 2021 version of a lynch mob.”

There followed an outpour of community support after word about the incident spread across various social media platforms.

The bakery says they would reopen their doors on Tuesday.

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