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New Decade New.....Kids??

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

“New year new me” has taken over our timelines. Vows to lose weight and stop smoking are taken with the intent to make the new year the best yet. Why not include our kids?

Weight loss goals. - Planning on starting a work out routine? There are a ton of videos and blogs that show how to work out with your kids. Not only will you reach your goal weight, but you would have spent time with your child(ren) and fostered a healthy, fun habit.

Read more. - Keeping up with the daily rat race causes people who are consistent readers to let books fall by the wayside. If your goal is to begin reading again include the kids by reading to and with them. Allow new readers to read to you. Take library and bookstore trips, or even listen to an audiobook together with snacks and blankets.

Fixing your finances. – Is the goal to get out of debt and begin investing? Give your child their first lessons in financial literacy. Student accounts and investment apps such as Acorns are easy to start with small deposits.

Including the kids teaches new healthy habits and makes attaining your goals more rewarding.

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