• Ian Romaker

NBA W2 Recap - Who Put in Work Over Labor Day?

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Right when it looked like the four remaining series’ might be slashed in half - things took a wild turn in the NBA Playoffs.

Kemba Walker’s acrobatic assist to put the Celtics ahead proved to fall just 0.5 seconds short as Lowry threw an even better dime to OG Anunoby for a game winning Raptors three.

OG’s shot changed the complexion of that entire series much like Khris Middleton’s Game 4 performance for the Bucks. The Raptors and Bucks are fighting for their respective playoff lives while the Lakers and Clippers are seemingly on a collision course to meet in the Western Conference Finals.

Series Counts

LAC 2-1 over DEN

BOS 3-2 over TOR

MIA 3-1 over MIL


What to Watch For

Will Middleton continue to pour in the points without Giannis?

Will the Celtics close the series the same way they started by closing out in their next go-round with the Raptors?

Will Jamal Murray catch his groove and provide a blockbuster performance or will the Clippers continue to lock him up?

Which role players will give a better spark as Harden, Lebron, Russ and AD are bound to get theirs. Will it be Covington or Caruso? Eric Gordon or KCP? The Rockets Lakers might be the most evenly matched series of the entire 2020 Bubble.

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Ian Romaker