Police officer Involved in Andre Hill's Death Fired

Ohio policeman Adam Coy, a 17-year veteran, was fired from the police officer after shooting and killing a black man Andre Hill.

A bodycam footage revealed a shoot out incident that involved the 47-year-old man who was holding his phone. Afterward, Coy failed to administer first aid to the fatally injured Hill.

In a statement, Director Ned Pettus Jr of the Columbus Public Safety Director announced Adam Coy was fired after a meeting was held to determine his job security.

Currently, Coy is still under criminal investigation for the shooting that took place last week. He was stripped of his police powers after the shooting and asked to hand in his gun and badge.

The decision came after Pettus decided a hearing that determined Coy's actions during and after the shooting.

The public safety director supported recommendations made by Police Chief Thomas Quinlan, who made a video statement over Christmas Eve, deciding Coy's fate.

Quinlan quickened the investigation, steered clear procedures, and filed two departmental charges claiming serious crime against Coy in Hill's shooting.

"This is what responsibility looks like. The evidence provided a solid rationale for termination. Henceforth, Mr. Coy will answer to the state investigator following Andre Hill's death," said Quinlan during Coy's determination on Monday.

According to a Pettus office statement, Members of the Local Fraternal Order Police attended the hearing on Coy's behalf.

On Tuesday, December 22, Coy and his colleague responded to a neighbor's distress emergency call at 1 am. He complained of a car at the front of his house, which kept running and going off.

However, Mayor Andrew Ginther says it remains unclear if the incident had anything to do with Andre Hill.

Concurrently, there's an ongoing investigation into officers who responded to the emergency call that led to Hill's death. Quinlan further added it seems they either didn't turn on their body cameras or failed to administer Hill any help.

Quinlan insisted that officers must turn on their boy cameras when responding to critical emergencies such as burglary, robbery, or shooting according to departmental policy.

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