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#momhacks – The Simplicity of Carboard Boxes

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

This hack I honestly did not know was a "hack" until I put a pic of my son up in my FB group. I received quite a few, "Why did I think of that?!" comments.

When COVID hit I was looking for ways to keep him entertained as well as still get us outdoors. Our plans for going places like the aquarium, Sesame Place in the spring and summer came to a halt. We were going to try a new soccer program that started kids as young as 2 years old so he could become acquainted with other kids again. Sadly, we had to cancel his membership.

I was doing my grocery shopping online and like most moms, Amazon Prime is my bestie. The accumulation of boxes began and just like the thoughts of any other toddler, they were better than toys. I thought about how I could repurpose them, so they were even more entertaining for him.

Down the Pinterest rabbit hole, I went. Of course, I found thousands of uses for the boxes that were beyond my scope of craftiness. Then it hit me. Keep it simple! It's a box. Eventually, it's going in the trash anyway.

So, I simply cut the box down one side and opened it like a poster board. I took it outside on the porch, laid it down with crayons and paints, and let the little guy go to town! He was at it for about 30 minutes (great for a busy 2-year-old).

After that, he was hooked. His grandma and aunt even began saving boxes for him so he would have a stash at grandma's house.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the projects and suggestions you see online. But for many of us, it's just not feasible to do big craft projects for many reasons. So, make things easy on yourselves moms. You carry a heavy load already. Grab a cardboard box and some crayons, and let your littles have a ball!

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