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#momhacks - The Busy Book Project Phase 2 – The Revamp

Updated: Feb 15

When I started this project, I intended to create a different and engaging way for my son to continue learning his letters, numbers, colors, etc., to introduce new concepts, and encourage him to talk more. I had just about all of the activities laid out when I was advised to revamp the project.

When I spoke to a therapist about my son and his daily routine, I brought up the busy book. She suggested I change the activities from those described in the previous #momhacks to including his everyday items and activities. It was definitely one of those, "why didn't I think of that" moments.

So, I started taking pictures of his day. He'll have pics of food, his favorite shows and songs, and some of his playtime activities. I also included things I would like him to do more, like use his spoon and get used to his bed.

I also used some stock images to speed up the process. However, most of the pics are of him and his things. The concept is to get him to use the book to point out what he wants while working on saying it.

Creating the book in this manner would be great for little ones learning their first words and for toddlers who may need something to reinforce and encourage consistent use of words.

Next week, I'll show you how I put it all together and what he thought of it. Have any of you made a similar type of book? Share your suggestions and experience in the comments!

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