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#momhacks - The Busy Binder Project

Since making my son’s learning board I’ve been looking for other learning tools I could create. Although I’m not usually a crafty person, I like being able to customize my son’s activities to how he learns, show him new things, and be more imaginative.

While searching for ideas I came across the Busy Book concept. These books have various names like Quiet Book, Busy Binder, or Learning Book. It helps children to learn new words, strengthen fine motor and cognitive skills.

Children from ages 1-5 are said to benefit most from the books. They can be made with materials from felt to loose-leaf or spiral binder. Activities to begin reading, counting, learning body parts, and animals can be added and updated as the child grasps the concepts.

So, for my next craft mission, I will be attempting to create a Busy Book for Bubba. I’ll be taking you step by step from creation to reaction. Here are the basics of what we need to get started:


Printable Activities and Worksheets

3 Hole Punch





*Time and Patience

Next week I’ll come back to show you the supplies I gathered and include some links to the printables I’ve decided to try with my son.

Have you made a Busy Book or want to join me on this craft mission? Drop a comment for us!

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