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#momhacks – Food Waste No More!

Updated: Mar 9

Wasted food is a huge pet peeve for most of us. When we see apples with two bites going in the trash while wondering why all the potatoes started sprouting so fast, it sends us into a tizzy. All you see are dollar signs in the trash and going down the drain.

Since the pandemic started it became even more important to be mindful of not just how much we’re spending on food but also making the most of it. Here are a few ways to get more shelf-life out of your produce:

Apples & Potatoes

Since we’re on the subject… Did you know that if you place an apple in the bag with your potatoes it will keep them from sprouting? If kept in a cool, dry place, your potatoes could last 8 weeks or more. http://stopfoodwaste.org/

Banana Peel Tea

A tasty way to get a great sleep. Before throwing away that ripe banana peel, boil it in a cup of water and enjoy a cozy cup of goodness before bed. You’ll be snoozing in no time. https://theculinarycure.com/banana-peel-sleep-tea-recipe/

Carrot and Celery Sticks

One of the best go-to snacks to satisfy the cravings for crunch, however, they tend to dry out quickly. Grab one of those handy dandy mason jars and store your sticks in water. Your celery will last up to two weeks and the carrots will keep for a month! Link.tr/reducewastenow

Collard Greens (and other greens)

The best way to keep these fresh is to not keep them at all. Purchase them when you know you’re making them. But if you can’t get to them right away, don’t wash them and put them in a tightly sealed container. The moisture from washing them will cause them to spoil faster. Even still, this will help you for about 3 days. Stopfoodwaste.org shows you how to freeze your greens here. http://stopfoodwaste.org/tips/store/hearty-greens

If you want to help the efforts to end the national issue of food waste

…try a produce delivery service dedicated to ending food waste across the country. According to Imperfect Foods, 20 billion pounds of produce goes to waste from farms annually. It hurts the environment, affects climate change, and gives our farmers a hard way to go. But even closer to home, it’s affecting our budgets and taking even more away from those in need.

Other companies joined in the cause are:



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