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#momhacks - Busy Book Phase 1

Updated: Jan 29

Last week, I introduced my latest craft mission for my son, the busy book. Since then, I have gone through what we already have on hand to use to get started.

I've been collecting stuff along the way with the help of my daughter, but I had recently gone on a dollar store shopping spree to see that they had. The dollar stores have made a serious come-up in the craft and stationery sections over the years! I was impressed by the selection they had for school supplies as well. I'll be going again soon. I'll try not to get addicted.

The next thing is to decide what to put in the book. My son loves letters and numbers. He knows his colors and farm animals. We have some work to do on communication and fine motor skills, so I looked for activities specifically geared towards that.

Here are links for where I found some of the activities I will be using. All the sites have great and numerous resources. It's easy to go down the rabbit hole but try to stay focused on the activities your child needs and will resonate with. (I am not affiliated with any of the sites mentioned.)




Since this is just a trial run, I'm going to limit it to a few activities covering concepts he is familiar with but adding some new learning fun.

Next week, we'll get started putting it all together!

What have you decided to use for your kiddos?

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