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Mommy Mogul Magic! - Trish Wright, Founder of The Wright Life

Updated: May 10

Trish Wright is certainly what you would call a Mommy Mogul. She is the Owner of Celebrity Style Events, Founder of The Wright Life, and President of Wrights Way Foundation. As a serial entrepreneur with 13 years of skin in the game, Trish is one for all mompreneurs to follow. Her drive, hustle, and love for her family are evident in her successes.

This May, Trish is hosting her 5th Annual Entrepreneurship Expo in Las Vegas along with a panel of #blackgirlmagic. Speakers include:

Shardae Edwards of Nourish Wellness Center (where this year's Expo will be held)

Tatianna Devers, Brand Ambassador & Host/Cosmetology Expert

Marquita Leonard, Brand Ambassador & Host/Credit Specialist

Aisha Nikole, CEO of Aisha Nikole Company,

Karissa Littlejohn, International Luxury Retreat Specialist

Brittany "Soul" Sharp, Spoken Word & Neo-Soul Artist.

I interviewed Trish to find out more about how she got her start and how she makes it all happen:

What is your professional background?

As far as school, I went to high school. I did some college courses, but that’s it. I just saw school and college were never my strong skill, although I believe I am extremely smart. I don’t believe going to school makes you an entrepreneur; it makes you a hustler. I am untimely a true hustler. When Jay Z said he would sell water to a well, that is me.

How long have you been an entrepreneur?

13 years.

Tell us more about Celebrity Style Events?

So, I have been planning events for 13 years now. I specialize in large-scale events, so events of 500 people or more. However, I don’t turn down smaller events. It’s just if you’re looking for a planner experienced with a large number. I’m your go too.

I plan weddings, celebrations, festivals, and expos for clients. I have four signature events I host every year: Columbus Caribbean Festival, Columbus Food & Wine Festival, Entrepreneur Expo, and Columbus Sangria Festival.

Itsthewrightlife.com celebrated its 1st anniversary this year. What inspired the blog, and what else can we look forward to from it?

I wanted to see more articles on two things that I am currently obsessed with: business and babies. Although I don’t feel I write my personal stories as much as I should, I love seeing the articles unfold.

Being held May 24th & 25th, the Expo will be informative, motivational, and practical for Lady Bosses, who are ready to level up their brand. As Trish describes, it will be “a once in a lifetime opportunity” to have access to the knowledge that these successful and seasoned business owners are coming to share.

Tell us more about the Entrepreneurship Expo coming up in May. What can we expect to walk away with after the Expo?

It's not going to be one of those events where people are just speaking at you. It is very hands-on. You're actually going to have to take notes and do some work. You’ll come out of it well informed and with a better outlook on your business.

She even has a strategy behind the scheduling of the event. Watch her tell you about it here.

Day 1 of the Expo is all about building your business and setting goals. Trish has a proven system that she has used to create her brands and is now giving away her secret.

What is the 90 minute A Day Workshop all about?

In my workshop, I'll discuss how I'm able to balance my different businesses by taking 90 minutes a day for 90 days for a successful launch of a new business, personal goal, or goal for my family.

How have you been able to balance all this along with being a wife and mom to two small children?

In the beginning, it was rough, and I meant rough. I could never get a task completed. I also was trying to be a stay-at-home mom and entrepreneur. I thought I could do it all.

I did put us on a daily, schedule; family days are to be on Sundays and date night with my husband once a week. I think date nights are super important in a marriage.

I also had to understand there are times when things don’t go as perfectly planned, and trying to do it all can be very draining and depressing after a while, and that is what happened to me. With both Chosen & Epic, I suffered from postpartum depression. From my depression episodes, it helped me realize that that supermom who has it all on Instagram is all a LIE! I do know what helped me, was staying active, getting out of the house, and having fun with my kids and family. I think becoming a mom helped me understand what many women go through and sympathize with single moms who did it for years with no help and that having a support system and a village is truly important to not only your children but also your own mental health.

I waited till I was late in life to have my children at 35, and while I have led a full life from time to time, I still miss it. Don’t let anyone let you feel guilty for missing your old life but love your new life for needing a break and for not being perfect all the time.

What is your best piece of advice to other aspiring Mommy Moguls?

It is ok to get off balance. The first thing I wanted to do as a mom was maintain a certain balance to keep everything in order with my business and kids. The minute things didn't go as planned; I would break down. I had to accept that sometimes you will get off balance and won’t go according to schedule, and that’s ok.

Join Trish and the rest of the amazing panel in Las Vegas on May 24th & 25th for the 5th Annual Entrepreneurship Expo!

Tickets: https://form.jotform.com/210686334079157

Website: https://www.itsthewrightlife.com/events-

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