Meet 10-Year-Old CEO who Converted an Old School Bus into a Food Truck

Updated: Feb 3

A ten-year-old is on his way to becoming a successful entrepreneur after purchasing an old school bus and converting it into a food truck.

Micah Idris from Philadelphia has set out an example as a new generation of young businesspeople starting ventures in their tentative years.

Micah Idris owns the Micah’s Mixx a lemonade truck made from an old school bus. The 5th grader came up with the idea in March 2020 at the helm of the pandemic. He would sell lemonade on sidewalks.

Once his venture became a big hit, his mother Danielle pursued avenues to ensure the business continued.

She sourced for a vehicle that would help the business become mobile. Finally, she chanced upon an old school bus going for $4,000 from a private school.

Afterwards, Danielle and Micah started fundraising to help the business’s expansion. He went on Instagram and shared progress about the upcoming business.

“Thank you for your donations and buying over 1500 lemonade bottles in my minibus. Now I start the hard work of raising funds and turn it into a food truck. My mum was hesitant to do this, but we underestimated the cost it takes to turn a bus into a food truck,”

To contribute to his upcoming venture and raise his $10,000, click here.

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