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Making the Switch – The Plant Based Life

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Every day more people are trying the plant-based lifestyle. It has proven to have great benefits to one’s overall health. Beyonce and Jay Z made headline news after announcing their decision to go plant-based. The media latched on to the story describing them as vegans until Beyonce made it clear they were not vegan, but plant-based, in a statement to the New York Times.

So, what is the difference anyway? Basically, plant-based refers to a diet only consisting of fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, etc. Processed foods and some oils are omitted from the diet along with meat and dairy. Being vegan is a complete lifestyle. In addition to the very strict diet, veganism is also against the use of animals to make shoes, clothing, and accessories. For example, no leather sneakers, no wool sweaters.

I too have wrestled with making the switch and adopting the plant-based diet. This lifestyle change is better for my overall health, and as a woman especially, for my reproductive health. Each attempt in the past yielded great results however, I just didn’t stick with it. This time around, I’m giving it one last shot, within reason. I will not say I won’t eat meat again. Just like Mr. and Mrs. Carter, I intend to create a healthier daily diet with a balance of treats along the way.

One thing I am excited about is getting back to having fun with food. It’s a challenge coming up with new recipes and ordering new dishes off the menu. Food becomes brand new again when taking on plant-based cuisine.

My biggest stumbling block is cheese. There is no such thing as too much cheese. When I attempted the diet before I gave it up and refused to entertain plant-based cheeses. This time I’m being open open-minded and I must say I’m pleasantly surprised.

I was told Daiya makes a great vegan cheese product, especially their mozzarella, so I gave it a try. At first, I was a little nervous because the shreds left a light oil residue on my fingers. It wasn’t completely off-putting so I tasted it and was relieved that it was not oily.

When dealing with cheese, the melt is important. I’ve heard most plant-based cheeses do not melt well if at all. Although there was a slight difference, this cheese melts extremely well.

You will need to help it out in the flavor department. The taste of the mozzarella is there but very faint. Since shredded mozzarella is usually used in some sort of dish, there will be herbs and seasoning for flavor already. Just don’t forget to add a couple of extra pinches of salt and maybe a squeeze of lemon for the sake of the cheese.

Has the plant-based cheese convinced me that my traditional dairy cheese should be a permanent thing of the past? No. It is, however, something that I could use as a substitution for daily use. But come cheat day, I want my regular pizza.

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