Lizzo Graces the Cover of Vogue Magazine October Issue

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

History has been made once again after Lizzo featured on the cover of Vogue Magazine as the first plus-size woman.

The three-time Grammy award winner and breakout hip-hop artist Lizzo made waves after confirming on her Instagram account that she would appear on the cover of the popular magazine.

Following the news, Lizzo went on encouraging fellow black female followers to soar higher and break records.

Referring to herself as the first “big black woman” brought a sense of normalizing feeling good in one body despite the size.

Vogue Magazine has over the years received criticism for not diversifying or featuring plus size women on their cover.

Lizzo’s feature has broken barriers with size inclusion and body shape taking center stage in the coming years.

In hear article, Lizzo explains the heartache she underwent growing in a country where black people suffered racial prejudice.

“Since the tentative years, my dad taught me what being black in this country meant. I was young when I learnt about Emmett Till, and to date, I have never forgotten his face.”

She additionally takes part in Vogue’s 73 Questions Series, where she takes on topics related to Kill, Marry, and Kiss.

Lizzo made her debut in the mainstream media in 2019 after her song “Truth Hurts” played in Netflix film “Someone Great.”

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