Kwame Molden Educates The Black Community About Luxury Using SPGBK Watch Brand

Reviewing opulence in the Black community is more than subsidizing the price point for an average consumer. Instead, it's more about ensuring accessibility, quality, and general provision for the community as a whole.

When Springbreak (SPGBK) Watches co-founders Maurice Davis and Kwame Molden designed their line of luxurious watches, it was more about introducing a brand that would combine cultural tastes and education. In addition, the move would change the watch industry to favor Black consumers.

Before starting the company, Molden studied the relationship between Black shoppers, foreign creators, and their products. Despite promoting foreign brands, they don't do much to give back to the Black community.

As a result, Molden and his co-founder decided to create SPGBK watches. They incorporated core values associated with education. The move helped close the gap of the community's strive for expensive and popular brands.

"Maurice and I share a common thread, which is education. That' the reason we created SPGBK watches using education as the core foundation." Said Molden.

Molden and Davis grew up in the same neighborhood, Fayetteville, North Carolina. The two attended the same schools and went to college. As HBCU graduates of North Carolina A&T, both entrepreneurs had the urge to make a difference in their community.

Molden and Davis also believed their mutual interests regarding watches would make their dream come true. Kwame employs the tactics of the famous freedom fighter Frederick Douglass to empower his community on the importance of smart shopping.

Springbreak Watch founders further revealed they didn't know about making the business successful when starting in 2013.

He also attributes the company's success to a friend who pushed him to focus on his community rather than acquiring new customers. Since then, Molden and his co-founder have concentrated on authenticity and transparency about the origin of their history.

In the last year, SPGBK has received tremendous support, with more people shopping from Black-owned businesses.

That support made the business have an online/in-store distribution deal with Nordstrom, a major retailer. During Black History month, SPGBK also partnered with Hulu.

The brand's plans include solidifying its partnership with Nordstrom to introduce a new product line.

For more information regarding SPGBK watches, visit its website.

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