Kanye Running for President

With the determination to ouster the two parties that have dominated the White House for almost 200 years, $5,000 in your bank account will make your dreams real.

Texas billionaire Ross Perot tried his lack during the 1992 elections, running as an independent candidate. He garnered 19 percent of the total casted votes.

Enter Kanye West. A famous musician, songwriter, fashion designer, amongst many other things. Recently, he's taken his stand as a candidate on the upcoming presidential elections, scheduled for November 3.

With a distinct slogan, to date, Kanye doesn't have any filed paperwork for his Presidential bid.

It is no secret that "YEEZY" is so passionate about topics involving the killings of black people in the U.S. Kanye even says Harriet Tubman didn't free the black slaves, she had them work on other white farms.

Kanye's real intentions for the White House race

Despite his announcement, many speculations and doubts surround his candidature on whether he is still on the White House race.

According to a survey by Redfield and Wilton Strategies, 2% of the 2,000 interviewed registered voters said they would vote for Kanye.

Kanye hasn't managed to meet filing deadlines in the states of Michigan, Indiana, North Carolina, Texas, South Carolina, and Florida. Besides, he's yet to file in Missouri, Maine, and Illinois, with the deadline fast approaching.

Kanye also has to beat the August deadline, where he must appear in a ballot in many more states. It's a requirement that a candidate must garner 1,000 to 200,000 signatures in all states to run as a President.

So far, he has managed to file with the Federal Election Commission just on time, and he will appear on the Oklahoma Presidential ballot.

The controversial and outspoken political neophyte told Forbes he would change the nation's face to appear like the marvel film Wakanda.

Kanye has recently posted his #2020VISION campaign on Twitter. It features a doodle of the White House, especially the West Wing.

His known advisors so far include Elon Musk of Tesla and wife Kim Kardashian West. Elon Musk has endorsed and unendorsed Kanye, while his wife Kim has only tweeted once about Kanye’s Presidential bid.

To make an impact, Kanye West should zero in on a specific issue that may help him get an endorsement from one of the candidates.

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