Investments to make during a Pandemic

The uncertainty and societal changes caused by the COVID-19 has destabilized everyone’s systems. Overnight, global markets have pummeled, bringing CME to a shattering halt.

With the current market instability, temporary investments are a safer option for investors. Short-term financing has little or no risk involved. Below are some top picks for investment during a pandemic.

1. Buying stocks

Although the epidemic has brought about a stock plunge, experts say if you look in the right places, there are excellent opportunities in waiting. For instance, those who want to invest can look at astronomical companies. Some of them include:

  • Disney

  • Microsoft

  • Zoom

  • Companies offering infection prevention material such as surgical equipment and disinfectants

2. 401K accounts

Don’t panic and sell your shares when the market is low; instead, keep on investing. The U.S has faced a financial crisis and economic uncertainty before. If you sell now, you will not own the stocks once the market recovers.

Don’t worry about the current state of markets, invest your 401k account, you’ll emerge with victory in the end.

3. 5-year treasury inflation protected securities

Also known as, TIPS, treasury inflation-protected securities from government bonds mean to help cushion you during a boom. Although it has fixed interest, security tends to increases during inflation.

4. Online checking accounts

An online checking account can also help with a short-term investment requirement. Moreover, you get to enjoy immense benefits such as more liquidity since there aren’t a limited number of withdrawals.

The most exciting part is that the online checking accounts give cash bonuses.

5. Online business

Due to the social distancing rule, most companies have had to shift their way of service deliveries. Restaurants, pharmacies, and stores are now making home deliveries more than ever.

The world has gone digital, and what a better way to reach out to clients than using the available online platforms such as Instagram, Facebook to sell your products.

6. Teleconferencing

Companies offering teleconferencing software have attracted both small and big customers during this pandemic. Currently, most businesses and workplaces are dependent on mediums that would help communicate with their colleagues and customers.

7. Biotech and healthcare

As compared to other broad benchmarks, the health care and biotechnology sector have remained resilient during this pandemic.

In the wake of COVID-19, the participation of the industry in seeking treatment for the novel coronavirus gives them an edge over many other businesses.

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