Protests from around the World!

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Following George Floyd’s demise at the hands of a police officer, protests continue at various cities in the US. Currently, the outrage regarding the killing of the innocent black man has spread globally.


Activists wearing face masks and black clothes went down on their knees with placards reading, “Racism chokes us,” “We are all George Floyd,” I can’t breathe,” in Paris on Monday.


On Saturday and Sunday, crowds gathered outside the US embassy in Berlin. Demonstrators wore their facemasks with signage proclaiming, “Justice can't wait” and “Black lives matter.”


On Sunday morning, people demonstrated at Trafalgar Square despite Britain’s lockdown rules. Other participants marched to Capital’s Nine Elms area, home to the US embassy.


On Thursday, crowds held a flash mob in the city of Milan near the US consulate.

Nairobi, Kenya

Dozens of Kenyans gathered outside the US embassy on Tuesday with signs reading “Stop white supremacy” and “Black lives matter.”


Syrian artists Anis Hamdoun and Aziz Asmar created George Floyd’s mural on Monday.


On Sunday, chants of “no peace, no justice” filled Copenhagen following George Floyd’s death. Others protested outside the US embassy at the Danish capital.


George Floyd’s portraits hung outside the US embassy in Mexico City, alongside candles, flowers, and signs reading, “Racism kills, here, there, and the entire world.”


On Sunday, people protested outside the Guanabara Palace in Rio de Janeiro.

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