• Ian Romaker

How to Make This Valentine's Day Simply Spectacular

Updated: May 30, 2020

Life is full of unpredictable spontaneity and adventure. The course of your life will only become redundant and repetitive if you allow it to. This Valentine’s Day - go out on a limb to create an unforgettable excursion for you and your romantic partner.

Everybody loves a good picnic, but what are you going to do to get there? We will tell you exactly what we had in mind. Set the mood with dimmed lights and buckle your seat belts, this is bound to be one spectacular occasion.

Step 1: Place a note in your significant others’ car, instructing them to find the next clue somewhere within the house.

Step 2: Place a note in the first place they would walk by once arriving home (garage, back door) that gives a clever hint as to where to find the next clue.

Step 3: Once they find this clue, it is important to include all potential supplies with this note (chocolate syrup, whipped cream, honey, mangoes etc.) and direct them into the bedroom.

Step 4: This step is where it all unfolds. Be waiting for them in the bedroom with a trail of rose pedals and a well-designed picnic to match all of the supplies gathered in the step before. Also, it wouldn’t hurt one bit if you dressed provocatively.

Well, there you have it folks. We laid down the basics for how you might want to have a Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt. Now, it is up to you to improvise different variations and spice things up to keep the flame smoldering between you and your partner.

Ian Romaker

Wordsmith, Media Mogul

Newark, OH


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