How to Keep your Business Running During a Pandemic

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

More than three months since the covid-19 pandemic hit the world, businesses continue grappling to find progress.

Businesses that need the human presence and personal touches such as salons, barbershops, nightclubs, and restaurants have been affected the most.

However, with the government easing lockdowns, it’s paramount for entrepreneurs to have a plan in place for both their customers and employees.

This write-up highlights some tips that businesses can employ during this pandemic to stay afloat.

1. Update business insurance to include covid-19 coverage

The prevalence of the covid-19 virus doesn’t only affect the general public. It also poses a danger to businesses and their clients.

Updating your business insurance to include covid-19 coverage goes a long way to shielding both employees and customers in case they fall sick. Moreover, the coverage will help to reduce the economic impact of covid-19 on your business.

2. Communicate with your clients

To build trust as well as provide reassurance of the safety, quality, and continuity of their services, businesses should take this time to stay in touch with clients routinely.

With most people working at home, social media and the internet play a vital role in relaying information.

Businesses can set up profiles across various platforms to help customers know if the company is still running.

3. Review operational risks

Risk factors for businesses have wholly altered with the pandemic, thus calling a change in tactics.

Previous risk assessments don’t work anymore. As a result, operational businesses must create a checklist that guarantees the safety of customers and employees.

4. Communicate with suppliers

The covid-19 pandemic has impacted economies negatively, consequently affecting also suppliers. With this in mind, business entities must continue having frequent and robust communication with suppliers.

In the end, companies will plan to stock their outflow and inflow, depending on their customers.

5. Use the internet

More than ever, businesses should embrace utilizing technology and the internet to their advantage. Eateries with no delivery channels can set up this service.

Various grocery stores have collaborated with free delivery apps giving customers the luxury of shopping from the comfort of their homes.

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