Jennifer Lopez: Beauty Secret & Biz!

Much has been said over the years about how amazing JLO always looks. She always looks so well put together, from hair, to skin to her choice of outfit. But let us just not beat about the bush – how in the heck is this fabulous woman ageing backwards?

I mean, to look as good in your forties as you did in your twenties is one thing, but when you are in your fifties and you seem to be getting younger – we have to find out why. Am I right??

It is no secret that celebs have really rigorous skincare routines and also have to watch their diets to ensure their skin and bodies stay in tip top shape.

But so many of them have also started their own skincare routine – mostly because they find a combination of things that work for them and want to harness that in one complete range.

Jennifer Lopez is no different and recently launched her own skincare line which harnesses some of her favorite ingredients which she swears by to give her the signature “JLO Glow”.


Jennifer Lopez has been within the beauty industry for some time now. She has some 30 fragrances on the market and so it only makes sense that she create a skincare line – so that we can all get that glow.

Jennifer decided to create this skincare line because she believes that we all deserve to feel beautiful and have luxury on our skins.

“JLo Beauty is about being TIMELESS, LIMITLESS, POWERFUL. It’s about realizing your own worth and value and understanding that you’re growing and getting better every day.”— JENNIFER LOPEZ FOUNDER, JLO BEAUTY


JLO Beauty and the ingredients therein help you skin to start working again. It assists you skin in staying hydrated, plump and youthful looking for longer.

Some of the active ingredients in the JLO Beauty range include:

A unique 4-part olive blend which is rich in antioxidants and skin plumping power

Hyaluronic acid which is well known for its moisture retention properties, and

Yeast-derived ferment

Jennifer recalls as a child when she used to have olive oil on her hair and some of it would drip down onto her skin, that area of her skin was smooth and dewy – so it makes complete sense that she would use this as part of her “ageing in reverse” skincare routine.

The range compromises 7 products:

The Power Duo as it is referred to are:

That JLO Glow – a powerful serum enhanced with the 4-part olive blend

That Blockbuster – a facial cream which has the texture of whipped cream (yum) and also powered by the 4-part olive blend

Then to complement these two main features you can add the following (I just love the names):

That Hit Single – A cleansing gel

That Limitless Glow – A multitasking sheet mask

That Star Filter – An instant complexion booster which has very tints to suit all skin tones

That Fresh Take – An intense eye cream

That Big Screen – a moisturizing cream with an SPF 30+

The range is currently available for purchase online, at Sephora and on Amazon.

(source: Global Cosmetics News)


Now it is no secret that having gorgeous flawless skin, a healthy, strong and toned body and the ability to age gracefully is greatly due to a consistent skincare routine, a healthy clean diet and regular exercise (all of which the lovely JLO partakes in). But one big thing I believe needs to be mentioned is this – Jennifer Lopez has for the longest time had the affirmation, “I am youthful and timeless at every age”, and she believes firmly in repeating this affirmation daily. This sets the tone for everything else to follow.

So, before you even do your morning cleanse or yoga sesh, look in the mirror, find the words you feel reign true for you and repeat them daily.

Stay beautiful. Stay strong.



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