How 100 suits for 100 men Black Founder is helping New York Residents

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On any given day, you could see Kevin Livingston power-walking through the streets of New York. Kevin Livingston started his business after seeing a young man in his neighborhood being ridiculed for his outfit.

Kevin began by asking clients and colleagues to donate old suits for him to distribute. Kevin then created “100 Suits for 100 Men,” which he launched in 2011.

In 2015, the organization was granted non-profit status, allowing it to extend its services beyond suits. 100 Suits has addressed socioeconomic issues and has become a vital part of the neighborhoods it serves.

During the pandemic, the community recently turned to meal-delivery work to support seniors and those in need.

“Nobody could have told me when I started the senior supply in the first week of March...that it will turn into a Cutlery program,” Livingston says. “And we would be able to hire a few younger members of our party to manage it. Exceptionally good! ”

100 Fits continue to support Families in this Pandemic

As the pandemic exploded in March 2020, tens of millions of people were faced with unexpected problems. Livingston was determined to step up to the challenge, organize a community of individuals, and make a difference where it was most needed.

Livingston established a senior supply service on March 6th to help those who are most vulnerable to the pandemic's effects.

100 Fits has distributed over 22,000 groceries and meals to seniors in Queens, New York, since March. The group's 100 Soups Program provided weekly home-cooked soups to families in homeless shelters.

The collective has created the #Feed500 project, which provides fresh produce bins.

This initiative provided 12 new opportunities for youths who had lost their traditional jobs due to layoffs.

Kevin is the definition of leadership that transforms lives.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, 100 Fits has been on the move. From underprivileged children to veterans, the organization has been able to help some of Queens' most disadvantaged residents.

In an e-mail to Black Enterprise, Livingston says, "If I look back, we've accomplished quite a bit, and one of the proudest moments I've is our senior program is managed by an 18-year-old." “I like my squad because they and I are willing to put our life on the line to help others.”

Even in the aftermath of the pandemic, 100 Fits has stayed faithful to its original mission: to provide assets that aid in the job search.

Before the pandemic, this assistance included free haircuts, salon referrals, and clothes. Colin Kaepernick has been a massive supporter, contributing custom suits to aid in recruiting more women and men for job interviews.

The group is also a part of the job creation process. 100 Fits assigned ten slots as Social Distance Group Ambassadors to formerly incarcerated women and men.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) masks and hand sanitizers were distributed and monitoring to ensure residents' safety.

Young black youths would like to see “ordinary” men and women portraying people like them in a positive light.

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