• Ian Romaker

Hear a Hit from a Block Away: Paul Stewart's Pavement Ear

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Some people are born with an innate ability to tap into reality. Paul Stewart grew up in Crenshaw, California during the height of the “White Flight” era where white families fled South Central Los Angeles and definitely didn’t reside in Crenshaw. Paul Stewart grew up around ethnically diverse individuals who molded him into the heralded hip-hop figure that he is today.

Hip-Hop originated in the Boogie Down Bronx (NY) during the late 1970s and did not entirely make its way to the West Coast until the 80s. Rapper’s Delight by the Sugar Hill Gang broke hip-hop loops, rhythms and breaks into the ears of many for the first time in 1982.

As an underground DJ, Paul Stewart squeezed into all the right venues and created the illest scene for partygoers. He would promote, spin, host - anything to get his foot in the door and put authentic rap into the atmosphere.

Stewart spearheaded Def Jam’s West Coast division. Eventually, Paul would provide talent for Russell Simmons only to be sued & defamed by Lyor Cohen & co.

Thankfully, Paul’s ear-to-the-pavement ability drove him to start his own company - Power Move Productions. By working with prominent companies & combining those opportunities with his own movement, Paul began to climb the ladder.

John Singleton brought him on set for film, “Poetic Justice” as the Music Supervisor and Paul has since held that title on 50+ cinematic productions to date.

There is always that one person that deserves to be there no matter what. Paul is that person who was always around, always spinning new tracks from the underground. To get where he is today took a lot of hard work like 60 hour unpaid internship weeks or street level promotion to garner word-of-mouth. Regardless, PS always continued his story.

Idols: Mo Ostin, Irving Azoff

Discovered: Tone Loc (Wild Thing), Pharcyde, Leaders of the New School (Busta Rhymes)

Managed: Koolio

Superproducer: Warren G (Saved Def Jam from going under)

Single: This is How We Do It (Montell Jordan)

A&R: Ice Cube (Street Knowledge Productions) John Singleton (New Deal Records)

Columnist: The Source

Philosophy: Truly Understand the Music, Offer Constructive Criticism, Contribute to Project

Paul Stewart bridges the gap between the underrepresented sector of individuals and the cut-throat music industry where ego-maniacs are out of touch with street reality. He embodies the statement: “Bring value wherever possible, it is not always about a check, stay down and reap the intangibles.”

It is clear that this man operates with poise, discipline and professionalism. Never shaken, stirred or disrupted from his path by music executives, Paul always holds his head high and utilizes integrity to gain the respect of those with whom he conducts business.

Check out the trailer for his upcoming production, “A White Boy from Crenshaw.”

Paul was the director of PUMA Music Marketing from '08-'10 and founded the alternative publishing press company called 'Over the Edge Books'

Ian Romaker



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