Halsey Reveals Pregnancy Via Instagram Post

Updated: Feb 3

Grammy-nominated award-winning singer Halsey announced that's she will be expecting a baby through an Instagram post.

On her post, she wrote Surprise! Followed a mini photo gallery where she tagged Alev Aydin, although she didn't mention if he was the baby's father.

Halsey poses a pair of unbuttoned jeans and a rainbow bikini top on her first photo while smiling at a white backdrop. In the second photo, she's standing arms covering her chest with no sight of the bikini top.

From the second pose, you can see the baby bump clearly, while her last photo, she's kneeling with the sun shining on her entire body.

In the first photo, she tags screenwriter Alev Aydin. In the comment section, Alev replies, "Heart so full, I love you, sweetness.”

Previously, the 26-year-old singer revealed how she had a miscarriage and the backlash she received from social media.

Halsey also revealed that she had endometriosis; which could have led to the miscarriage. She, however, underwent a thorough medical procedure that helped fight the condition.

"I put my foot down and got aggressive about seeking treatment. I underwent surgery one year ago, and now I feel much better," she said.

The emoji and rainbow top could be a reminder of her loss, which occurred while performing on stage.

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