• Ian Romaker

Ghislaine Maxwell is Finally Locked Up

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested on July 19th while tucked away in Bedford, NH for the better part of a year. Her boyfriend, Jeffrey Epstein (deceased 08/2019) was arrested around this time last year and never made it to testify in court.* Throughout time, Ghislaine served as the financial operator for Jeffrey thee financier. Essentially, she would oversee staff, finances, parties and masseuses. Her charm and “controversial past mystique” is what continued to bring wealthy guests to luxurious gatherings.

She has been formally charged with six counts, which range from "transporting a minor for the purposes of criminal sexual activity" to "conspiring to entice minors to travel to engage in illegal sex acts," to perjury related to statements she made before the United States District Court for the Southern District in New York in 2016. (T&C Mag)

Some people cannot dispel negativity within their being. As much as it troubles me to enter this area, we must humble ourselves and speak rationally. Lady Ghislaine Maxwell the 'Madam Procurer' of England is not fooling a soul. While she cordially graduated Oxford at the elite level of her class there is no replacement for growing up in a 53 room mansion. She has an elitist lifestyle and will maintain her fortune whether that derives from complicit or illicit means.

Ghislaine's father, Robert Maxwell passed away amid financial ruin and left his boat thee, “Lady Ghislaine” to wander in the seas. As the youngest of nine children, Ghislaine must carry on her last name and uphold an elite status. Rather than leave it to determined destiny, Ghislaine decided to pursue her gut instinct to amass riches. Sexual trafficking. No knowledge is confirmed so I will not speak as if it is factual at this moment, only to the alleged incidents.

Upon further research the name everyone should be spreading far and wide in their social circles is Virginia Giuffre. From Buckinghamshire to American prison, it is time for Ghis to reflect. This may be the time to shine the light on the insidious side of the industry.

Other prominent names feature Zorro Ranch finest’ New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson (D) Senate majority leader George J. Mitchell (D-Maine) and Prince Andrew.

Leslie Wexner should be put away for his criminal misdeeds as well.

As a swashbuckler, there is no other means to eat but grime.

Lastly, the name everyone should speak of is JonBenét Ramsey. Her death and the involvement of parties mentioned here remain a mystery.

EDIT: New information has emerged implicating Wayfair in trafficking schemes.

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Newark, OH


*Jeffrey Epstein died by suicide (hanging)