Four Weekends of Christmas Lights in Ohio!

So, up until two years and four months ago I’ve never been a big Christmas spirit person, if that’s a person.

I don’t like Christmas songs, movies or didn’t enjoy putting up a Christmas tree. However, in true new mom form when I had my daughter I became that mom! Now that I have two daughters I am even more excited to share this holiday with them and start some family traditions.

Due to COVID, we haven’t been able to do many activities and I was getting a little disappointed. So, I decided every weekend I would take my girls and step children to different Christmas light shows throughout Ohio.

So, here’s the Christmas light show attractions we will be attending each weekend in December...

  1. Butch Bando's Fantasy of Lights - Delaware, Ohio

Cars/Minivans/SUVs: Monday-Thursday (weekday discount): $20 /// Friday, Saturday and Sunday: $30 Limos, Motorhomes and Motor Coaches up to 30 people: $60 Buses and Large Motor Coaches: $100 Assisted Living and Senior Living Homes: Call for pricing


2. Wonderlights Christmas at National Trail Raceway - Hebron, Ohio

Prices are $7 per person Kids 3 & Under are Free!

Car Load Specials $30 (5 to 7 people) $50 (8 to 15 passengers) $75 (16 to 35 passengers) $100 (35 and more passengers)


3. Dazzling Lights - Westerville, Ohio

This light show is free!!


4. Lucy Depp Park Lights - Powell, Ohio

Another free one!!


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