First-Ever Black-Owned 7-Eleven Store Opens its Doors in Las Vegas

Updated: Jun 11

The recent opening of the 7-Eleven franchise in Las Vegas has paved the way for the African-Americans community. Jonathan Lacy has beaten all odds to become the first Black person to have 7-Eleven in one of the world’s most coveted cities. The store is open 24 hours and is located at 342 East Tropicana Ave.

From a young age, Lacy had the dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur. The 30-year-old grew up in South Central Los Angeles but later moved to Las Vegas to stay with his father. His entrepreneurial desires grew stronger during this period.

However, the only thing standing between his dreams was the lack of funds. The young entrepreneur studied finance at Cal Poly Pomona. His degree didn’t prepare him for the financial hurdles and setting up a new business.

Despite applying for loans numerously from different banks and getting rejections, he didn’t give up. Instead, he found an alternative to ensure his dreams came true.

Keep his dream alive.

Lacy took it upon himself to raise the required capital. He tested out a variety of business ideas and applied for different job opportunities. As a result, he saved and managed to raise the money he needed.

“I think our generation isn’t exposed enough different things. Get a job to see if it suits you because we are all trying to figure out things. Don’t stop until you receive a no from someone. However, despite receiving all the no’s keep pushing,” he told Las Vegas Sun.

After successfully setting his first 7-Eleven franchise, Lacy can’t wait to expand his vision. He hopes that he’ll own four 7-Eleven franchises by the time he turns 40. He also hopes to have doubled up the number when he celebrates his 50th birthday.

Lacy additionally aims to pave the way for upcoming Black business owners in his community. He wants to teach people different avenues to make dreams come true despite not having the right investors.

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