Essential tips for selling to Generation Z

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Generation Z is the first true digital natives. They have grown up with technology at their fingertips—and they’ve only known a world where social media is the norm.

These savvy consumers are already shaping our digital landscape and will continue to do so for years to come. So marketers must adjust create strategies that appeal to this younger demographic. You’ll learn why Gen Z is the next thing and how to make this new marketing mindset work for you. Keep reading.

Sell experiences, not products.

They’ve grown up with the internet; they might not immediately be impressed by typical ads. So it’s time to get creative and find other ways to attract their attention.

For instance, instead of talking about your amazing product, explain the experience it will bring. This isn’t necessarily about reinvention; it’s more about generating experiences that are beyond the old marketing tactics.

Engage your customers

When you’re targeting a generation that grew up online, reviews hold so much weight. They can make or break a purchase decision no matter the product classification — be it a mattress, sneakers, or a juice machine.

This new generation of online shoppers tends to distrust companies that won’t give instant feedback. This means they will actively trust brands with instant responses, and this means more good reviews.

Build a brand around them

Gen Z is a generation of consumers growing up in an extremely connected world filled with positive and negative values.

They are politically engaged and have a wide view of how the world should be. So they’ll buy brands that donate to causes they believe in. That explains why brands like Salesforce and Airbnb are more involved in causes such as Black lives matter.

Do more videos

Generation Z is the first generation to rely almost exclusively on video for entertainment and informational purposes.

While marketers have been quick to jump on board, veterans of the industry are still catching up on the type of content they produce and how they market it.

For example, some brands tend to forget that Generation Z would rather be on Youtube because their attention spans are so short.

Generation Z is also technologically astute, which means with a single click, they can block out your message and find something else to focus on.

Emphasize data privacy

Privacy and security have become an important issue among the Gen Z and Millennial generations. Many of these consumers are cognizant of the potential dangers of sharing personal data online due to several high-profile data breaches in recent years.

According to a survey from IBM, less than one-third of teens feel comfortable sharing their details with brands online.

If your customer base is Generation Z, you can enhance customer interest and loyalty by implementing the tips above into your digital marketing strategy.

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