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The first full weekend of playoff basketball within the bubble proved to be quite competitive. For years, it is reasonable to make the argument that the weakest team in the Western Conference could beat the strongest team in the Eastern Conference on any given night. This theory holds true again this time around as there have been lackluster games and two sweeps thus far in the East. However, the West has exhibited downright dogfights between competitors.


The Celtics swept the 76ers and the Raptors swept the Nets, respectively. The Heat are a game away from sweeping the Pacers and the Bucks are handling the Magic. Next, the Raptors will matchup with the Celtics in what could possibly be the most elite Eastern matchup, yet.


The series between the Clippers and the Mavericks has easily been the most entertaining thus far. Patrick Beverley and Kristaps Porgzingis have been sidelined with injuries and Luka Doncic has scorched the court even on a bum ankle. Paul George became the first player to shoot under 25% from the field in his first three playoff games since Bob Cousy. Many fans have questioned why Kawhi or PG did not switch onto Luka to dispel his game winning stepback three pointer.

The eighth seeded Trail Blazers have formed a formidable threat against the Lakers. Although, this is unsurprising for those who have witnessed the Lakers’ struggles and inability to consistently produce since bubble inception. Also, the Nuggets’ youth has begun to show as Donovan Mitchell and Mike Conley have proven to be one of the strongest backcourts during early postseason play.

All in all, it is much too early to make any lasting conclusions but so far I will stand by my Power 5 posed earlier in the season. The winner that escapes the 2-7 matchup in the West might take the whole thing. Until then, stay tuned in the WRIGHT corner.

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