Chucks and Pearls: Introducing Vice President Kamala Harris’s Favorite Accessories

Updated: Jan 29

Glass ceilings are breaking. The newly appointed Vice President has never shied off from representing her real sorority while remaining true to what she believes in.

Pearls and Converse shoes, also referred to as Chuck Taylor's, are some of Kamala Harris's well-known favorites.

VP Kamala Harris is the first woman of color to serve in such a prestigious position. She's also the first second in command, a member in the Alpha Kappa - Alpha - the first black Greek sorority.

Margo_Medina wrote, "BIG shout out to @sugar_04 for my custom checks! They capture this moment so well. Complete with my name embroidered, pearls on the toe, and of course that pink and green! Blinged and classy, just the way I like them! You did that Sis!" #inaugationday2021#pearlsandchucks#aka#1908#1stButNotTheLast

Members of the other eight black sororities and her sorority sisters stepped out in Chuck Taylors and Pearls to show support for one of their own.

"Chucks and Pearls" has garnered a trending hashtag on Facebook, with another private group consisting of more than 80,00 members.

If you have been following keenly since hitting the campaign trail, Vice President Kamala Harris, you must know she has a closet full of converse Chuck Taylor sneakers and pearls.

Kamala Harris hasn't only broken barriers, but she has made young girls realize that they can achieve their dreams. To celebrate this outstanding achievement, women across the nation adorned converse sneakers to support the first time woman Vice President.

Hope Aloyae, a retired Navy senior chief, went ahead and created a Facebook group, "Wear Pearls on Jan 20th, 2021."

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