Updated: Jul 28, 2020

It was the moment I had been waiting on; my daughters first birthday!! I know I was more excited than she was as most first time moms are.

I've always wanted to attend Coachella and produce a event such as it. So I decided Chosen would have a celebration mimicking the largest music festival of them all.

With Chosen's upcoming 2nd birthday coming on August 19th, I decided to share the images of her party. Due to Covid-19, we wont be having such a lavish affair. I will be eight months pregnant and not sure how I will be feeling so it might just be cake and ice cream this year.

In fact, I decided that each year her birthday celebration would be remain the same name; CHOCHELLA!!


Horseback Riding

Petting Zoo

Bounce House

Beyonce's Coachella performance playing the entire party

Tons of Sweets

Moet Rose Bar for adults

Here is a look back at CHOCHELLA...

VENDOR LOVE (insert heart)

Event Producer: Celebrity Style Events

Location: Our Backyard lol

Photographer: DW Pictures

Desserts: Cakes 2 Envy

Catering: Taste of Kingston

by Trish Wright | Founder | Wife | Mama | Serial Entrepreneur |

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